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  • Lanre was absolutely instrumental in helping us design and launch a DEI strategy that is not about targets and tick boxes but the overall progression of our industry. We started with some compelling and thought provoking training with the Board, followed by a month of collaboration and advice where Lanre provided key insights and feedback to help us create an outstanding plan of action.

    Lanre is a joy to work with, always providing impactful feedback and has a great eye for opportunities to promote diversity, equity and inclusion. But it’s not just me who thinks that; Some of the feedback from the business includes comments that Lanre’s talks and training have been “thought-provoking”, “mindset changing” and “Inspirational”!

    Charlotte Batters, Head of People Operations, CTS

    Charlotte Batters, Head of People Operations, CTS
  • “We were thrilled to work with Inner Ambitions to deliver a wide-scale leadership learning programme. Inner Ambitions are very keen to fully understand the needs of the client and particular business issues, they recommended programme was very much tailored to our needs. Our leadership found them to be highly-engaging, knowledgeable and credible facilitators.”

    Claire England, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, JLL

    Claire England, Director of Diversity & Inclusion, JLL
  • A key aspect of our 10 Actions for Change is to deliver anti-racism training across our firm, and given the importance of improving education and awareness for the culture of our firm, we went through a really thorough process to secure a provider for those sessions. Inner Ambitions were incredible from the start. They met our brief perfectly, and came with the energy and expertise to deliver sessions that we felt confident would have the impact we needed.

    The Anti-Racism sessions have been met with overwhelmingly positive feedback; we frequently hear that it’s the most powerful and impactful session our people have attended to date. Lanre’s facilitation really is exceptional, without fail he delivers each session with unwavering energy and passion, his style is inclusive yet direct and challenging and he has generated a great level of discussion and understanding across the firm.

    The sessions are hard hitting and impactful, whilst being able to invite conversation from people of a range of levels of awareness on the topic of race and inclusion, and have appealed to our most junior colleagues, right through to the firm’s senior leadership.

    We’ve now been formally working together for eight months, and Lanre’s ongoing support and guidance has been exceptional. Lanre has supported us to engage with facilitators across regions, to enable us to deliver the training to other offices in Europe in the office’s local languages; which has been incredibly well received.

    Charlotte Yirrell, Diversity & Inclusion manager HSF

    Charlotte Yirrell, Diversity & Inclusion manager HSF

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