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Talent Development Programmes

We run a number of powerful and effective Training Programmes.

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Our coaching programme helps to unearth and utilise the key capabilities of individuals. We understand the needs of our client’s situation and use our transformational coaching solutions to effectively meet their needs and enable them to reach their goals.

We provide the impetus for them to maximise their potential and to deal with business change effectively while increasing their level of performance.


Our coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation, with a wealth of experience and sharp focus on improving employee performance. We will do above and beyond what is expected of us to ensure that clients get the results they desire.

  • High Performance Coaching: Employee performance does not have to stay at the level it is. It can be totally transformed to create maximum impact and benefit for the business and all of its stakeholders
  • Change effectiveness Coaching: Sessions that focus on helping employees deal with internal or external change effectively while maintaining or improving performance
    • Accelerated Development: Supporting individuals who have been recently promoted or earmarked for promotion. Providing them with the tools to ensure smooth transition into new areas of responsibility and continued success.
    • Integration Coaching: Working with new joiners/returners to ensure fast integration into the organisation or new role.
    • Performance Support Coaching: Get individuals back on track, working to their full potential and meeting new inspirational goals and action plans.



We work closely with our clients to facilitate them through creative, interactive, collaborative processes to help them find the right solutions and outcomes for their business. Our first-class facilitation skills combined with business consulting experience and expertise help them solve complex challenges.

We are able to bring multiple stakeholders together from across the business, drawing together their knowledge and skills to design and deliver business outcomes at an accelerated rate. We work to ensure that relationships within and outside of your organisation can be strengthened and core objectives achieved. We facilitate focus groups and working sessions that enable groups and individuals to gain clear insights and outcomes.

What you will encounter:

  • Broad Reach: Environment where colleagues are able to leverage knowledge from different parts of the business
  • Powerful Discussions: Holding meaningful iterative discussions, leading to deep insights continuous development of ideas
  • Accelerated Collaboration: Create a shared sense of urgency around a complex challenge, generating meaningful results and full commitment from all parties involved
  • New Insights: Employees encounter key business challenges that are less likely to be uncovered in more traditional discussions, meetings or forums
  • Increased Engagement: Shared experience and connections across an organisation helping to effectively implement company-wide solutions
  • Uncover potential: Environment where colleagues are able to leverage knowledge from different parts of the busines
  • Broad Reach: Discover natural leaders who are able to lead discussions with their peers, and can become champions for change when taking insights back into the organisation


Leadership Development

We take a detailed look at leadership and how this is conveyed in the working environment. We support people in unearthing their potential and provide them with the tools to develop their leadership skills. We look at individuals in leadership, leadership in teams and how to encourage a culture of leadership within an organisation.

We have best-class training, coaching and assessments to help people identify and evaluate their personal leadership styles and look at how their influence can be maximised. Our programs also look at the importance of defining image and maximising personal impact as a leader.

We support leaders in creating a vision and translating strategy into action to engage and develop great teams. We work to inspiring confidence, motivate and support them to drive change in their organisations and develop the capabilities needed to achieve business objectives. Our work helps people to focus on leadership responsibilities and hold themselves accountable for their actions and results, as well as the continued development of their teams. Our Programs bring character and competence to all leadership styles across all levels of the Organisation. We ensure that all our programmes are tailored to your business need.

  • Executive Leaders: Supporting leaders’ ability to execute strategy, drive change, lead the organisational culture forward and ensure continual development and engagement of employees
  • Senior Leaders: Helping leaders’ develop broader impact and influence and build strategic advantage by identifying and making distinctive contributions.
  • New Leaders: Supporting individuals in their leadership journey, helping to evaluate their styles and aspirations. Providing the tools to help support their leadership growth.
  • Rising Stars: Supporting fast-track development individuals’ ability to contribute at new and higher levels. Stretch their talent in diverse environments and greater exposure to senior leaders and mentors.
  • Diversity and Leadership: Developing business cultures which encompasses a diverse spectrum of leadership. Diversity of styles, people and though to take businesses to a greater level of impact and success


Change Management

We have an outstanding record of designing, evaluating, and delivering impactful organisation change initiatives for major transformation projects.

We design and implement organisational structure, people and culture changes. Our solutions will solve complex problems and stimulate business in demanding and fast changing environments.

We align expectations and communicate effectively to build confidence in the change process and the organization’s goals. We empower people to embrace and accept change, and perform to their peak.

We develop powerful tools and techniques to more readily approach change and derive positive business outcomes. We to build capabilities among leaders and employees to adjust to change and uncertainty, drive performance, and respond quickly to new challenges.

Our solutions are tailored to meet the needs of our clients, bringing remarkable results to clients facing changes of various levels of magnitude and complexity. Managing change in all situations regardless of its size or complexity.

Our change programs can be integrated with existing resources and include individual coaching, in-person workshops and sustainability change sessions. Our programs will equip leaders with the knowledge and techniques to build their teams’ ability deal with ongoing change and uncertainty.

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