Our Talent Development Programmes

Have a look through our talent development programmes below to see with one suits you best. We also offer bespoke training on request to meet your tailored needs. Email us at: info@innerambitions.com

Personal Leadership and Impact


Understand your leadership style and have maximum impact within your working environment.

Recognise yourself as a Leader no matter the level, and focus on being genuine while navigating challenges successfully.

Turn networks into business resource groups, ensure relationships connect to promotion / growth, and accelerate progression and manage conversations.

Building Confidence & Communication

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Build confidence and understand their communication style and use to increase impact in the Organisation.

Understand core communication styles and how they may differ across teams/functions.

Identify communication style and strengths and use to build relationships and increase influence.

Learn the styles that will leave best impression on seniors and increase visibility with them

Coaching for Performance


Coaching and mentoring is fundamental to the furthering of talent. It provides a platform to support the aspirations and career development of individuals.

Coaching provided in line with standard advised by International Coaching Federation.

Support, tips and guidance on how to use coaching for self and developing the skill to coach others.

Explore coaching as a key leadership tool

Developing Others


Accelerate the development of others and build core leadership skills.

Tune into personal leadership style and approach and have maximum impact and influence.

Build relationships and create new opportunities for self and others

Vision and Visibility


Gain clarity on career and personal vision and how that aligns with a wider Organisation vision and culture. Identify aspirations and unleash full potential within their working environment. Focus on potential success through capitalising on the difference between personal cultural norms and organisational norms. Focus on opportunities for development and utilisation of available resources

Generation Mindset

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Discover your Generational Mindset & Compass

Understand the Mindset of different generations and become more effective in leading people.

Explore the impact of having a Generational Mindset in teams, and identify differences in various mindsets and resultant motivators and inhibitors of each.

Presence and Influencing Up


Explore personal presence and how it can influence those around and above you. Have greater impact with presentation, in meetings & getting people to say ‘Yes’.

Understand how influence is formed & the unique way in which impact can be made in an Organisation no matter your level or role. Create presence in your the environment & tapping into its key components.

Personal Impact and productivity

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Manage your time and priorities effectively and unlock the capabilities to have long lasting impact.

Explore how you currently use your time and the impact it has on performance and results.

Categorise working activities based on significance and time pressures and allow for better work flow management.

Game Changing Strengths

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Identify key strengths, drive change and find strengths within change.

Understand top strengths, what they mean to you and how you can make the most of them.

Drive change, increase proactivity and productivity.

Improve performance as change takes place.

Unconscious Biases and Team Building

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Explore how biases impact our everyday choices and the way we do business.

Guard against biases getting in the way of individual and team success.

Assess our biases and gain awareness of where our biases may be.

Look at our core strengths that can help to promote diverse and inclusive teams.

Developing as an Overseas Colleague


Build the confidence and have maximum impact in their new environment.

Overcome challenges and obstacles faced by Internationals and establish methods to drive success.

Focus on presence and engagement and have maximum impact.

Leverage diversity, networking and cultural differences and norms.

HOGAN Personality & Leadership

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HOGAN is a powerful personality assessment tool which can support you in developing people and building leadership skills. We use HOGAN to offer:

– Personality assessments for individuals and follow-up 1-2-1 leadership and development coaching sessions
– Team Personality assessments to assess a team’s effectiveness based on collective personality
– Team workshop to help teams explore personality implications on team roles, derailment risks & culture

Bespoke Programmes

We also offer custom made programmes to meet your needs