Inclusion and Diversity


To embed a culture of Inclusion, Diversity and High Performance there is a need for deeper focus and application of powerful change tools and frameworks. We are focused on helping leaders to create an environment where diverse teams and individuals can thrive.

Our deep knowledge and experience of inclusion and culture change allows us to design outstanding cultural change and inclusion focused solutions. Our approach is tailored to meet the needs of our clients bringing remarkable results in demanding and fast changing environments.

We build capability among leaders and employees to build inclusion, drive performance and integrate initiatives successfully within existing resources

Our work will lead to a thriving and inclusive culture, stronger employee engagement, higher productivity and performance

Representative solutions


Training and Development

Core inclusion modules

Building Equity

Supporting managers in championing diversity and overcoming racial inequity within the business. Equipping colleagues with the tools to amplify marginalised voices, hold difficult conversations and strengthen inclusive employee initiatives

Overcoming Bias

Exploring how biases impact our everyday choices and the way we do business. Looking at how we overcome these biases to make better choices and inclusive business decisions

Leading Inclusive Teams

Looking at how we build stronger teams and maximise the diverse skills within them. Exploring how we can better include the different skills, thoughts and experience that individuals can bring to a team

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I&D Diagnostics

  • Focus Groups, listening sessions, Interviews and Survey Analysis
  • Building understanding of current climate and culture in the Organisation
  • Providing culture relevant data, KPI’s and insight for Employee Development plans
  • I&D focused review over policies and competency framework


Building I&D Framework

  • Build/support Vision and Strategy for Inclusion and Diversity
  • Implementation of framework, policies
  • and procedures for long term inclusive culture
  • Build out internal I&D capabilities
  • ERG build and support
  • Communication and roll-out support
  • Build, Develop, Evaluate I&D development goals


I&D related Dialogue groups

  • Build culture of communication around opportunities and challenges faced by different groups
  • Race related listening sessions and action plans
  • Create understanding around the strengths of self and others
  • Understand how Strength based focus leverage resources and overcomes bias
  • Build common purpose, goals and direction through strength focus


1-2-1 and Group Coaching

  • Executive Coaching and development to empower team and individuals
  • Developing internal capabilities and coaching resource pool
  • Action learning and goal setting