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Build up your knowledge around the topic of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion with our informative EDI poetic summaries. Each short piece highlights the key points for 10 important topics and is a great way of supporting continued learning on your EDI journey. To access the full library of summaries, sign up to our video membership programme for just £14.99 per annum. The Inclusion summary is free to watch so do check it out!

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Our voices are not being heard Our faces are not being seen Our skills and uniqueness not appreciated Our identity not being acknowledged The plight of a black person In a big white world Is not pleasing Not easy to comprehend Attend, any board meeting You won’t find us Senior leadership seems to be beyond…

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Some days will be harder than others Some days you may feel like giving in feel like giving up but these are the important days these are the days when you have to stand up and fight when good decision making is even more important which will be the difference between success and failure sew…

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Don’t base things on what you see Go beyond what’s in front of you Or what you’ve been told you can or can’t do Defy the odds Break barriers Believe devoutly that you can make it Current circumstances may not make sense But there will always be a way Always be an opportunity So let…

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Let it Flow

Let it flow Whatever it is Whatever you have Let it out Let it flow Like a river let it flow Don’t stop it Don’t hide it Just release And see what will be brought through   Let it flow Let it touch the corners of the globe Let it go in front of you…

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Be there when they need you Be there when they don’t Keep an eye and ear open Just to make sure they are not struggling alone Offer a hand Offer your time Let them know you are available A part of the team   Ivory towers are no good for anyone It’s not the best…

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Shape Your Future

Don’t just let it happen Don’t expect things to just fall into place Take the reigns of your future Guide yourself to where you want to go   Be active in your pursuit To be in the role you want where you can maximise your input make use of your potential   Speak to those…

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So much to do so little time everything is urgent It’s all important Running around in a whirlwind In a dizzying spin So much so that nothing get’s finished Quality in your work is missing and you’re a shaking wreck   Re-frame your mind It does not all need to get done Not everything on…

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