Trust in what you believe Don’t let anything knock you off Keep learning, keep growing, keep practising Your coaching will get strong There is a purpose and a passion A reason why you are here There are many people in the world Who need to know you care Need the service you provide The value…

Be Determined

Focus on the goal ahead and keep pressing towards it distractions wil come in many shapes and sizes but wave them off as the commitment in you rises finish what has been started no matter how hard it may be take heart and hold onto your belief that a way can be made that near…


Speak positive words

give praise

have celebration


don’t let negativity engulf you

don’t allow critism to become the norm

build up and don’t destroy

inspire rather than discourage


What you say has an impact

so choose your words wisely

let them be a help and not a hindrance



Take a breath be cool don’t let things get to you enjoy the space the feeling of being just you don’t fret or let the treadmill in your mind go into overdrive it’s all there already all in place all in position so don’t worry just be you comfortable in your own skin secure in…


Sometimes it needs to be different unique from what’s gone before subtle, but that’s all it needs to break patterns and cycles that lead to the same result everytime   Break free and change the game take aim and fire your destiny awaits and the time is now   Take hold of what’s within you…


Stay close to those that matter No man is an island We are not meant to do it on our own Stay connected It will give you power An energy to keep you going Spur you on Keep you strong Revitalise you Sharpen your senses Motivate you to do more Find good people Let them…


Still you climb Finding the next gap To pull yourself up into Finding the body strength To lift up And lift off Sore hands not enough to stop you Climbing, rising, finding a way to the Apex Rocks may crumble around That’s a warning To be careful But not to stop Plot the path Visualise…

Peak Performance

At the top of your game Everything inside of you Is pointing towards success Strength and vitality Purity and ability There is nothing that can stop you No words that can hold you back No force field strong enough to block entry The challenge is high But that only serves to push you to the…